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Buying woodworking tools on eBay

We started selling on eBay way back in 1996, even before it was called eBay. Back then it was called AuctionWeb and we got interested because several of our computer-nerd friends wouldn't stop talking about it. They were all into PC's, Macs, and all things Star Trek. These friends were also woodworking buddies and they knew that my interests were mostly tool related. In fact, one of these friends back in 1988 used to visit my shop to ask me questions that were posted on the internet. What the heck is the internet? It didn't matter because there were woodworkers chatting on it! Anyway, I was into buying worn-out woodworking tools and after restoring them selling them in the local Tradin' Post paper.

So when these friends mentioned that in addition to Phasers, Tricorders and PEZ dispensers AuctionWeb was loaded with woodworking tools. Sweet, I'm in!

Since then we have purchased and sold over 1700 items and have tried to buy hundreds more. As for tools I am mainly a Shopsmith tool buyer and seller, but I'm a fan of all well-made tools. I own tools from Delta, Powermatic, Jet, Grizzly, Hitachi, DeWalt, Porter-Cable, Milwaukee and even a few things from Harbor Freight.

For some reason I'm a sucker for orphan tool brands and shop-built tools. Gil-Built, PortaShop, any shop-made jig and fixture, and long as it works.

Woodworkers are cool, and their tools are even cooler, and in the end that's what the Tool Hunter is all about. Check in from time to time and if you like add a comment or two. To leave a comment you'll need to first click on the header of the post that interests you, then at the bottom of the post click on the comment link.

Thanks for stopping by and check-out all the Tool Hunter blogs. Scott

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