googlecb72bd682d87d02e tool-hunter: A recent mistake dropped my Shopsmith blog from Google's sight

A recent mistake dropped my Shopsmith blog from Google's sight

I've been blogging about shopsmith tools for the past few years at and recently while trying to make it a bit more user friendly I turned on the archive option. This action moved the older posts off the front page so it was now opening lightning fast. So far so good.

But then we noticed that unless you happened to know what date a post was archived you'd have no idea how to find a post on the Shopsmith bandsaw, for example. What to do? I know.

I copied the url for each of the individual posts and added them all to a list that would appear at the bottom of every page. (There are over 65 of them) This made a lot of sense, seeing that you never know what post a person will land on when they find the blog through a search engine.

And that's when the problems started. Over night our posts dropped from the first page of results on Google, to the 10th page and beyond! What's with that!?!

A quick Google search uncovered my error. Apparently whenever Google's wed crawlers see several pages with identical content, especially lists of hyperlinks, they flag the pages as SPAM and dump them like a hot potato!

So, it's back to square one with all my SEO efforts. That said, if you have a blog or are a member of a news group, please do me a favor and post a link to my poor blog. Thanks, and please come again. Scott

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